Effective communication is dialogic.
Interpretation is a conversation.

Successful interpretation is a reciprocal relationship.

Getting to know who uses and how they use information
-- including experiential diversity and cultural specificities --
is essential to thinking and working collaboratively.

Public Humanities

Water Lab Interpretive text
Chicago Academy of Sciences 1999.

Critical Thoughts About Design
NEMA News 2004.

Audience Research and the Museum Experience as Social Practice
Museum Management & Curatorship 2007.

Claude Monet at the Art Institute
Curator 1996. (1.9MB)

Research & Scholarship

Museums and Social Responsibility
Routledge, 2023.

Cultural inclusion, exclusion and the formative roles of museums
Museum Management & Curatorship 2008.

Historical Archaeological Building Survey
San Juan de Capistrano Chapel, Béxar County, Texas
2011. (2.4MB)


Breakthroughs program project brief Liberty Science Center, 2002. (3.6MB)

Strategic Plan, Oneida Community Mansion House, 2016. (176KB)

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